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DJ.Panko Delahuerta

World music with animal sounds and electronic bases
This is Delahuerta!

About Delahuerta

Delahuerta, DJ.Panko‘s new project, tells the adventure of his personal life story, of his migration to a rural environment from the very heart of intercultural Barcelona, Ciutat Vella, of tranquillity, of nature, of the sound of birds and of his passion for agriculture.

…While working the land I found myself surrounded by the sounds of birds and insects which I dedicated myself to recording. The Blackbird, the Pitroig, the Tortolas and other birds were my soundtrack and after importing those audios, with no other pretension than to investigate with them, I began to produce themes. When I already had several songs I started to share them with other musician friends who, like me, were locked up without being able to work… And the collaborations came…

The album features 11 tracks, and will be released in the first week of September 2024 through Barcelona’s Folcore Records.

Tracks – and their respective remixes – will be previewed as singles, leading up to the release of the full album. The remixes feature the collaboration of Professor Angel Dust, Miret, Sonikgroove, among other producers from the local, national and international scene.