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Mirlo (Remixes) y Delahuerta, date release 10th of May on Folcore Records

Mirlo (Remixes) by Delahuerta [Folcore 142]
Release date: 10th May
Folcore Records · Barcelona
Including Remixes by Sonikgroove, Professor Angel Dust & DJ Panko

World music with animal sounds and electronic beats. This is Delahuerta!

About Mirlo (Blackbird)

This song started with an electronic base, playing with a marimba that Xavi Turull gave me, and its evolution with the contributions of the musicians has been incredible… The first one was Zoltan Lantos, master of the violin and collaborator in Ojos de Brujo and Nadir. It has been a pleasure to have his beautiful melodies. Also, Antonio Restucci, one of the most important Chilean soloists in fusion music. He has contributed his Mandola in this theme with subtle delicacy. Also Mímis Nikolopoulos, guitarist, and composer with whom I have had the good fortune to collaborate on several projects. He is responsible for the brass along with Kostas Batzilas, bringing us a Balkan air from northern Greece, and the percussion of Cid Travaglia. Wellington Coelho and Morgan Stern, bringing the Brazilian groove with Gyan Singh, from New Delhi, a virtuoso percussionist of the tablas.- DJ Panko

DJ. Panko – Music production – BARCELONA
Zoltan Lantos – Violin – HUNGARY
Antonio Restucci – Mandolin – CHILE
Kostas Batzilas – Trumpet – GREECE
Mimís Nikolopoulos – Guitar and brass section – GREECE
Cid Travaglia – Brazilian Percussion – BRAZIL
Wellington Coelho – Brazilian Percussion – BRAZIL
Morgan Stern – Brazilian Percussion – BRAZIL
Gyan Singh – Tablas and Dholak – INDIA

Artwork: DoctorToy
Mastering: Kostas Ekelon
Executive production: DJ Panko and Folkore Records

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Delahuerta Live show – Saturday 11th of May (Montseny / Barcelona)

Delahuerta continues to present his live performance at Ateneu de las Arts in Santa Maria de Palautordera.

For this date we present the premiere of the first single: Mirlo. A song inspired by a master singing bird.

By Delahuerta live:

Laiza, voice
Jime Chola Percussion from Argentina
Orchizero Cano the Guitar by La Trini
Ernesto Briceño Venezuela, violin
DJ Panko, bases and vocals

With Visuals by: AlexandrA
and the rapper Mikel

Currently, DELAHUERTA is producing her first album, which is why we are looking forward to sharing with you such a special night.

City: Santa Maria de Palautordera
Location: Can Balmes Cultural Center